About VET for youth - Teachers and trainers

Initial VET (IVET) enables young people’s employability and participation in lifelong learning. We collect and analyse VET policies and good practices, we develop tools for policy makers and practitioners and conduct research supporting the social inclusion and labour market integration of leaners at risk of dropping out, early leavers from education and training and young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs).

Teachers and trainers are an essential driving force for high quality and inclusive education and training. We provide new evidence about VET teachers and trainers’ professional development, and create tools to support them.

A feasibility study for a new pan-European survey of VET principals, teachers, in-company trainers and learners in initial VET that we launched recently aims to provide insights from the field and help to understand strengths, weaknesses and needs in IVET and teachers and trainers’ professional development.   

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