Privacy Statement on the protection of personal data in relation to

Registration to Cedefop’s Webportal

Identity of controller:

Head of Department for Communication

Purpose of the processing:

Users register to the website, allowing them to:

  • Receive alerts / notifications regarding new contents / updates
  • Subscribe to online services (eg. Newsletter)
  • Become a member of a community
  • Receive personalised information regarding their field of interest

In addition, the collection of this data allows the web team to measure audience, visibility, produce statistics on the use of the system, identify popular documents, downloads, fields of interest etc.

Categories of personal data processed:

Data collected via the registration form is -

MANDATORY: E-mail address / Password / Title / First name / Surname / Country

OPTIONAL : Institution / Department / Position / City / Address / Post code / Phone number /Fax number / Web URL / Picture / User profile

For some specific projects additional information tailored to the needs of the project might be collected and displayed to the public. This will be clarified to users accordingly.

Lawfulness of the processing:

The lawfulness of the processing is defined by Article 5 [a] and Article 5 [d] of Regulation (EC) 2018/1725.

Recipients of the data processed:

The data may be disclosed to the following recipients:

  • Web team members
  • External contractor (currently Eworx)
  • For subscribed services, other Cedefop staff responsible for sending newsletters are provided with required emails addresses upon request

The data subject’s rights:

Data subjects have the right to access and rectify (under specific circumstances) their information, request their erasure, block and object about their processing. If processing is based on consent, this consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Queries and concerns regarding the processing of your personal data may also be addressed to Cedefop’s Data Protection Officer at the following email: data-protection-officer [at]

Data subjects are also entitled to have recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor:

The retention period of the collected personal data

Following a periodic `interest campaign`, the data of registered persons shown to be inactive is deleted.

Users can at any time delete their data.

Contact information of Cedefop’s DPO:

data-protection-officer [at]

CEDEFOP, Data Protection Officer
GR - 570 01 Thermi

UPDATED: 25 July 2018