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Public procurement and grants

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Title Reference Closing date Status
Cedefop AO/B/JWA-RLAR/CouncilRes/011/06 - Preparation of a synthesis report on progress in implementing the Council Resolution on Lifelong Guidance 30/06/2006 Completed
Cancellation of the Call for Expression of interest Cedefop CEI/Transl/2004 03/06/2006 Cancelled
CEDEFOP No AO/B/GIS/SER-eKnowVetPoland/009/06 - Reporting on VET: eKnowVet databaseDetailed thematic reporting on Training VET teachers and trainers in Poland Detailed thematic reporting on Training VET teachers and trainers in Poland 01/06/2006 Completed
EAC/18/06 - Promotion of active European Citizenship - Pilot Projects/Citizens' Projects 2006 31/05/2006 Completed
Cedefop - AO/E/TPE/EN-GR-FR-DE-IT-ES/008/06 - Provision of language courses for Cedefop staff 30/05/2006 Completed
EACEA/01/06 - eLearning programme 19/05/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/E/IT/PB/ASE/FIBUS/007/06 - Development on-site services 17/05/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/B/MB-FGR/EU-KSLLL/006/06 - Development of the European knowledge system for lifelong learning (EU-KSLLL) 16/05/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/B/TB/VETinSMEs/005/06 - Quality approaches in VET in European SMEs 08/05/2006 Completed
Cedefop GP/D/ReferNet/001/06 - European Network of Reference and Expertise in VET - ReferNet 2006-2007 28/04/2006 Completed
Call for proposals EAC/12/06 - Exploitation of Results from Socrates Projects 28/04/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/E/IT/SERVER-STORAGE/004/06 - Acquisition of Servers and Storage Hardware, ancillary equipment, related software, maintenance and support services 27/04/2006 Completed
Call for proposals DG EAC - Higher Education Reform 20/04/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/A/EWS/PLI/PDE/002/06 - Trend scouting to underpin VET policy making 10/04/2006 Completed
Cedefop AO/A/AZU/003/06 - Early identification of skill needs: provision of scientific expertise and support 10/04/2006 Completed
Call for proposals - Jean Monnet Action 31/03/2006 Completed
Cedefop No AO/E/IT/SERVDESK/001/06 - Service desk services 27/03/2006 Completed
Call for proposals - training of national judges in EC competition law 13/03/2006 Completed
Public Open Tender : Progress analysis in relation to selected national VET priority areas, following the Maastricht Communique [Helsiniki study] 10/02/2006 Completed
Public open tender - report on higher education reforms 13/01/2006 Completed


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