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Public procurement and grants

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Title Reference Closing date Status
Translation ServicesCedefop No RPP/D/AMC/TRANSLATIONS/002/06 Cedefop No RPP/D/AMC/TRANSLATIONS/002/06 22/01/2007 Completed
Conditional call for proposals Media 2007EACEA No 07/06 EACEA No 07/06 22/12/2006 Completed
Call for proposals regarding support for bodies active at European level in the field of youthYouth in Action - Action 4.1 - Call for proposals No 1/2007 Youth in Action - Action 4.1 - Call for proposals No 1/2007 22/12/2006 Completed
Conditional call for proposals Culture (2007-2013): Support for bodies active at European level in the field of cultureEACEA N. 06/ 2006 EACEA N. 06/ 2006 22/12/2006 Completed
Cleaning ServicesCedefop No AO/E/ICTF/Cleaning/032/06 Cedefop No AO/E/ICTF/Cleaning/032/06 11/12/2006 Completed
Finance, Procurement and Human Resources Management ConsultingCedefop No AO/DIR/HH_GMA/Finance&HRconsult/030/06 Cedefop No AO/DIR/HH_GMA/Finance&HRconsult/030/06 07/12/2006 Completed
Virtual Communities of Practice - Platform and Related servicesCedefop No AO/Cedefop/LT/VC/027/06 Cedefop No AO/Cedefop/LT/VC/027/06 05/12/2006 Completed
Vocational education and training policies in EU competitor countriesCedefop No AO/A/PLI/VETPolicy-competitors/028/06 Cedefop No AO/A/PLI/VETPolicy-competitors/028/06 04/12/2006 Completed
Purchase of stationery and office suppliesCedefop No AO/E/ICTF/OfficeSupplies/025/06 Cedefop No AO/E/ICTF/OfficeSupplies/025/06 01/12/2006 Completed
Sectoral training funds in EuropeCedefop no. AO/C/KBDE/STF/026/06 Cedefop no. AO/C/KBDE/STF/026/06 13/11/2006 Completed
Feasibility study for a European harmonised poll dedicated to initial vocational education and training.CEDEFOP No AO/A/KNE/IVET_POLL/024/06 CEDEFOP No AO/A/KNE/IVET_POLL/024/06 01/11/2006 Completed
Study on the contributions of the validation of non formal learning to guidanceCedefop No AO/B/RLAR-JB/Learning-Guidance/023/06 Cedefop No AO/B/RLAR-JB/Learning-Guidance/023/06 31/10/2006 Completed
Refernet - European Network of Reference and Expertise in VETCedefop No GP/D/ReferNet2/002/06 Cedefop No GP/D/ReferNet2/002/06 16/10/2006 Completed
Development of a statistical methodology to complement statistics on vocational training in enterprisesCedefop no AO/A/KNE/Statistics-on-VET/022/06 Cedefop no AO/A/KNE/Statistics-on-VET/022/06 16/10/2006 Completed
Provision of expertise and technical support in the field of VET teachers and trainersCedefop No AO/B/MB/TechSuppVET/021/06 Cedefop No AO/B/MB/TechSuppVET/021/06 16/10/2006 Completed
Cedefop No AO/B/JB/Learning Outcomes/020/06 - The role of learning outcomes 03/10/2006 Completed
Cedefop No AO/C/JMGA-KBDE/SP/019/06 - Cedefop and the social partners 02/10/2006 Completed
DG EAC 37/06 - European network of experts in education and training (NESSE) 02/10/2006 Completed
DG EAC 44/06 - Support the transnational mobility of apprentices and other young persons in IVET 28/09/2006 Completed
Cedefop No AO/B-E/PHT-LT/EUROPASS/018/06 - Europass Services 22/09/2006 Completed


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