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Public procurement

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Otsikko Reference Closing date Tila
Call for proposals - Jean Monnet Action 31/03/2006 Completed
Cedefop No AO/E/IT/SERVDESK/001/06 - Service desk services 27/03/2006 Completed
Call for proposals - training of national judges in EC competition law 13/03/2006 Completed
Public Open Tender : Progress analysis in relation to selected national VET priority areas, following the Maastricht Communique [Helsiniki study] 10/02/2006 Completed
Public open tender - report on higher education reforms 13/01/2006 Completed
RTD actions under Euratom for research and training in the nuclear energy field 02/01/2006 Completed
Open call for proposals - European Year of Workers' Mobility" 12/12/2005 Completed
Call for proposals - eContentplus programme 24/11/2005 Completed
Call for Proposals - MEDIA training 19/11/2005 Completed
Public open tender - Education and Training 2010 - Languages 03/11/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : Study on the feasibility of an ECVET system ... 24/10/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : Study on the implementation and development of an ECVET system ... 17/10/2005 Completed
Culture 2000 : Call for Proposals 2006 17/10/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : On the way to Lisbon with VET 14/10/2005 Completed
Open call for tenders : Study on the obstacles to transnational mobility ... 10/10/2005 Completed
Public open tender : Study on key education indicators ... 10/10/2005 Completed
Joint call for proposals for indirect RTD actions - Support to innovation policy learning and development 05/10/2005 Completed
Call for proposals - European Associations acting at European level in the field of education 04/10/2005 Completed
Call for proposals - Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth 01/10/2005 Completed
Call for proposals : Actions on enhanced cooperation in VET 30/09/2005 Completed


Public procurements