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The IVET mobility scoreboard is a tool for monitoring developments in IVET mobility policies and the implementation of the 2011 Council recommendation 'Youth on the move' in European countries.

The scoreboard is a mechanism for assisting policy-making in international learning mobility.

To access the scoreboard database, click the database tab.

The scoreboard provides detailed country information on the conditions for IVET learner mobility in Europe. It addresses 10 key action areas:

  • information and guidance on opportunities;
  • motivating learners for mobility;
  • preparing learners for mobility;
  • removing obstacles to mobility;
  • portability of grants and loans;
  • ensuring mobility quality;
  • recognition of learning outcomes;
  • support to disadvantaged learners;
  • partnerships and funding;
  • involving multipliers.

The scoreboard offers seven monitoring tools:

  • Country fiches, providing detailed descriptions of countries’ mobility policies, structures and mechanisms;
  • Scorecards, synthesising the individual performance of respective countries in implementing the Youth on the move recommendation;
  • Progress graphs, allowing for following up a country’s progress over time;
  • Benchmarking graphs, allowing for comparing progress in two countries;
  • Maps, showing country categories with respect to aspects of mobility policies;
  • Indicators, showing country categories with respect to performance in implementing the Youth on the move recommendation in each mobility area;
  • Overview Tables, showing country categories in terms of overall implementation performance, all indicators combined.

The mobility scoreboard for initial VET is produced within Cedefop’s department for VET systems and institutions (DSI). It is based on country information provided by ReferNet and validated by country representatives. The scoreboard was designed in cooperation with the European Commission (EMPL E3), EACEA/Eurydice, and the expert group on a mobility scoreboard for IVET. Cedefop has sole responsibility for the country information, data analysis, monitoring tools and policy suggestions presented. The analyses and policy suggestions are not intended to reflect the views of governments.



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