The Timeline of VET policies in Europe is a rich collection of strategies, action plans, legal acts, regulations, and practical measures in vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning (LLL) in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. Policy-makers, analysts and practitioners in VET and LLL can learn about and explore national initiatives on various themes, and how these are linked to European priorities in VET, expressed in the Council Recommendation on VET and the Osnabrück Declaration.

The Timeline of VET policies in Europe presents the information as a timeline that helps observe how policies and practices develop over the years and through different stages, from design through implementation to completion. Information is organised in thematic categories allowing for filtering and comparison of the policies and practices presented by different criteria, such as country or target group.

The information has been collected by Cedefop annually since 2015 in cooperation with ReferNet, its European network of expertise in VET. Cedefop uses this information to monitor and analyse how countries work on achieving the common EU priorities.

We hope the wealth of information presented will inspire and support all those interested in the design or reform of policies and practices in VET and LLL.