To support development of learning at work in Europe there is a need to increase awareness of training and adult learning’s positive impact on enterprise innovation and competitiveness.

Increasingly, evidence highlights that skills mismatch is a dynamic process which is affected by the possibilities one is offered not only to train and learn at work, but also to use one’s skills. Aspects of job design and work organisation and the way they affect learning and skills at work should be further investigated.

Rich information and analysis of successful experiences in developing, matching and using skills for business success may inspire stakeholder approaches and may offer points of reference for benchmarking and policy learning. To develop a more extensive pool of evidence for public and private stakeholders, this Cedefop project focuses on how learning cultures are shaped by enterprises and support success of organisations.

The project builds on a qualitative study and implement an ethnographic research inquiry looking in depth at practices in successful enterprises in selected sectors across Europe. The qualitative work aims at developing a reservoir of practices for future capacity-building activities of the agency.

Project details

Project status
Project duration
18 months

Project contacts

Who is who
Giovanni Russo
Expert in skills and workplaces
Who is who
Ioannis Katsikis
Expert - ReferNet coordinator