Webinar material

Introductory speeches - Key messages
Jürgen Siebel - Executive Director, Cedefop
Chiara Riondino - Head of Unit E3 DG EMPL, European Commission
Michael Teutsch - Head of Unit Schools and Multilingualism, DGEAC
Agnes Roman
 - Senior policy coordinator, ETUCE 

Cedefop feasibility study: overview - Key messages - Concept note of the study
Irene Psifidou and Daniel Scheuregger - Cedefop experts

A systemic focus in VET on emotions and agency for inclusion - Key messages
Dr Paul Downes - Institute of Education, Dublin City University, Ireland

Promoting excellence, working with artificial intelligence in digital environments - Key messages
Dr Wayne Holmes - UCL Knowledge Lab, University College London, UK

Polls on key topics

Reaction from discussants and open discussion - Key messages
Brikena Xhomaqi - Director LLLP
Gina Ebner
 - Secretary General, EAEA
Bicca Olin
 - Board member, OBESSU
Representatives of European Associations of VET providers
Arja Krauchenberg – Project Coordinator, European Parents’ Association

Cedefop's feasibility study: practical implemetation in six pilot countries - Key messages
Andrew Cleary - Ipsos
Donatas Pocius and Milda Venckutė
Simon Broek - Ockham

Panel discussion - Participants' experiences - Key messages
Ralph Hippe - SELFIE for work-based learning tool, JRC
Alessandro Brolpito
 - SELFIE for work-based learning tool, ETF
Karine Tremblay
 - TALIS, Teaching and Learning International survey, OECD
Shinyoung Jeon and Rodrigo Torres
 - VET team on 'Teachers and leaders in VET', OECD
Sonia Piedrafita Tremosa
 - Eurydice/OECD teachers' & school heads' salaries data collection
Etienne Albiser and Bruce Golding
 - INES-NESLI/OECD Teachers' working time survey

Conclusion and next steps - Key messages
Irene Psifidou - Cedefop expert, Coordinator of VET for youth team
Mara Brugia
 - Deputy Director, Cedefop

Webinar outcomes report