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Increasing adult participation in education and training, decreasing inequalities and ensuring labour market relevance are all important objectives of EU policies. This report provides a statistical picture of job-related adult learning and continuing vocational training in the EU. It selects, presents and analyses internationally comparable data from the adult education survey and the continuing vocational training survey. These are essential resources to complement and understand better the labour force survey indicator of participation in adult learning. The report provides further insights, in particular with regard to the job-related and employer-sponsored components of learning and training. Types, forms, purposes, content, employer support and financing of adult learning as well as obstacles and barriers are analysed. Results at EU and country levels, as well as key trends and breakdowns are presented. By contributing to better understanding of patterns and trends in adult learning and continuing vocational training, the report is a valuable tool for evidence-informed lifelong learning policies at EU and country level.


Job-related adult learning and continuing vocational training in Europe

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Job-related adult learning and continuing vocational training in Europe

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Annexes to the report

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