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This report presents key findings and suggestions to improve apprenticeship for learners and employers and increase its attractiveness for economy and society in Cyprus.

Based on information provided by apprentices, teachers, institutional actors, social partners and policy-makers, the review examines the country’s new modern apprenticeship (νέα σύγχρονη μαθητεία), which provides an alternative education pathway for students who have completed compulsory education or a preparatory apprenticeship. Improvements have been and are being made to the new modern apprenticeship, but national policy-makers need to decide which role they want apprenticeships to play in the Cypriot education and training system. This publication is the final report of Cedefop’s review of apprenticeship in Cyprus, carried out between January 2017 and June 2018 at the request of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This review of apprenticeship is one of several carried out by Cedefop at the request of various Members States.

Since May 2014, Cedefop has carried out Thematic Country Reviews on Apprenticeships in five volunteer countries: Lithuania and Malta as part of a first wave (2014-2015); GreeceItaly and Slovenia as part of a second wave (2015-2017). Cedefop has carried out a third wave of reviews in two more countries, Cyprus and Croatia, and piloted a lighter version of the TCR (flash TCRs) in Belgium (French-speaking Community) and Sweden.

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Apprenticeship review: Cyprus

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Επισκόπηση μαθητείας: Κύπρος

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