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Apprenticeship review: Malta

In pursuit of quality and relevance: revitalising apprenticeship

This is the final report of the thematic country review (TCR) on apprenticeships in Malta. It is largely based on information collected from stakeholders and includes areas for future reforms and suggestions for action. Malta will decide whether and how these would be taken forward.

Cedefop launched TCRs to support the European alliance for apprenticeships. Between May 2014 and May 2015, Cedefop piloted TCRs on apprenticeships in two volunteer countries, Lithuania and Malta. In 2015-16 three more volunteer countries (Greece, Italy, and Slovenia) will benefit from the review.

This report is the result of cooperation between Cedefop and the Maltese steering group, coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Employment.

Since 2014 Cedefop has carried out thematic country reviews on apprenticeships in Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, and Slovenia. Cedefop is currently reviewing apprenticeships in Cyprus and Croatia, and is piloting a lighter version of the review in the French-speaking Community of Belgium and Sweden. The reports are expected in 2019.


Apprenticeship review: Malta

DOI: 10.2801/45611TI-04-15-573-EN-N ISBN: 978-92-896-1914-110/09/201529.81 MB