Nico Conti from Malta and Raquel Pereira Sousa Pinto from Portugal are the winners of the #CedefopPhotoAward second phase.

They have won two trips: one to Thessaloniki to visit Cedefop and join the opening weekend of the 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival in November and one to Brussels for the first European vocational skills week in December.

In May 2016, Cedefop launched the second phase of a photo competition which addresses ‘Youth in education and training’. Young people from all over the European Union were asked to send pictures of how they see themselves in their school- or work-based learning environment.

The 10 best photographs from each phase (a total of four winners and 16 runners-up) will be exhibited at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (3-13 November) and at the European vocational skills week in Brussels (6-9 December).

Winners (second phase)     

Nico Conti, 24, Malta – ‘Vivification of self’ (above right photo)

Raquel Pereira Sousa Pinto, 22, Portugal – ‘A large heart’ (above left photo)

Runners-up (second phase)

Skirius Deividas, 18, Lithuania – ‘Welding’

Karina Kozireva, 24, Latvia – ‘Coimbra University of Witchcraft and Wizardry’

Marius-Andrei Măldăianu, 18, Romania – ‘Team spirit in cinematographic education’

Federica Menti, 21, Italy – ‘Learning notes’ 

Federica Menti, 21, Italy – ‘Focused multitasking’

Bogdan Priceputu, 21, Romania – ‘Congress people’

Elin Stenfors, 26, Sweden – ‘A course in nature’

Gulbinas Tadas, 29, Lithuania – ‘Touched by the needle’