The preparation of Cedefop’s pan-European on skills supply and demand forecasts is supported by experts in labour market analysis and forecasting from each EU Member States. These experts contribute to increasing of the quality of the forecast by commenting and validating methods, tools and results.

Cedefop organises regular technical workshops to provide a platform for this group of experts to meet and provide its feedback to Cedefop in a structured way. The aim is to involve national experts closely in the forecasting process, drawing on their knowledge and expertise, as well as obtaining country specific insights.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to bring together the research team, national and international experts together with Cedefop staff to discuss:

  • Preliminary results of the new forecasts and alternative scenarios
  • Progress in adopting new classification standards;
  • Key assumptions to be adopted in the new forecasts and alternative scenarios;
  • Interpretation and clarity of indicators of future labour market imbalances,
  • Assumptions and preliminary results for an alternative skills supply scenario.

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05/11/2015 - 06/11/2015
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