Even the most methodologically advanced skills intelligence is of limited value when it is not customised to user needs and communicated effectively. Taking a broader perspective and considering good practice examples, the focus in this workshop was on advancing insights into what makes skills intelligence more fit for purpose. 


Bart de Koning

Bart de Koning is an Economics Ph.D. Candidate at the Research Centre of Education and the Labour Market of Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics. His research focuses on the role of expectations and information in human capital investments and labor supply decisions.

Michael Horgan

Following posts in the Directorates General for Research, Economic Affairs, and Education and Culture in the European Commission, from 2015, Michael Horgan worked in the Skills and Qualifications unit in the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, more specifically, the unit coordinating the Skills Agenda for Europe.

Marit Valge

Marit has worked as the Head of Communication of Estonian Qualifications Authority from October 2016. Estonian Qualifications Authority conducts the OSKA research – Estonian system of labour market monitoring and future skills forecasting.

Jasper Van Loo

Dr. Jasper van Loo is coordinator of Cedefop’s department for skills and labour market. He currently coordinates the labour market and skills analysis work of the agency. He is also part of the team investigating EU skills trends using online job vacancies.

Michel van Smoorenburg

Drs. Michel van Smoorenburg is a member of the Management Team of the Department of Labour Market information and Consultancy at the Public Employment Service in the Netherlands (UWV). He is responsible for the Labour Market Consultants in the South and Western part of the Netherlands.

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Actionable skills intelligence - the EU ambition - presentation by Michael Horgan


Customising LMI to different user groups - the approach of the Dutch Public Employment Service - presentation by Michel van Smoorenburg


OSKA: Estonian monitoring system for labour and skills demand - presentation by Marit Valge



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