The European vocational education and training (VET) policy dashboard presents, visually, progress by Member States and the EU27 overall towards agreed quantitative targets set out in the policy documents framing VET policy and its context at European level. The dashboard groups the quantitative targets around Europe’s three key post-2020 policy objectives, namely:

High-quality and inclusive VET are central to achieving these objectives and the dashboard monitors VET’s contribution. The quantitative targets in the European VET policy documents are set out in the dashboard’s summary charts as seven ‘progress indicators’. The sections dedicated to the key policy objectives, give a more comprehensive picture as the relevant ‘progress indicators’ are accompanied by ‘context indicators’ help understand and interpret changes. The dashboard derives from Cedefop’s statistical framework, the Key Indicators on VET and the targets are outlined in the following documents: the Council recommendation of 24 November 2020 on (VET); the Skills Agenda (2020); the Council Resolution towards the European education area (2021-30); European Pillar of Social Rights action plan; and the 2030 Digital Compass.