The Cedefop European skills and jobs survey (ESJS) is a periodic survey collecting information on the job-skill requirements, digitalisation, skill mismatches and workplace learning of representative samples of European adult workers. A second wave – ESJS2 - carried out in 2021 in all EU Member States, Iceland and Norway, builds on the approach of the first 2014 survey. The ESJS2 aims to inform the policy debate on the impact of digitalisation on the future of work and skills, also in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It does so by collecting harmonised international data using a common methodological approach, enabling cross-country comparisons across economic sectors, occupations and other key socioeconomic and demographic variables. Strongly linked to the growth, sustainability and resilience ambitions of the European Skills Agenda and European Digital Strategy, the ESJS2 is a key tool for evidence-based policymaking in VET, skills and employment.