The new structure of the training standards is correlated with occupations that could be performed by IVET graduates and will be the basis for the qualification certificate supplement. It will also constitute the building bricks of the national qualifications register.

New training standards will relate the training process with the units of learning outcomes expressed in terms of knowledge, abilities and attitudes to be acquired by the learner. Learning outcomes will be related to assessment standards with criteria and indicators of learners’ achievement, to increase credibility and validity of the assessment and certification process. The pool of assessment items will be developed to support the assessment and certifications commissions in their work.

The training standard will integrate a short description of the qualification it leads to and its NQF level, the range of occupations and opportunities for entering the labour market or continuing education. Transversal competences such as environment protection, health and work security, and consumer protection are also foreseen.

Improving the training standards will aid teachers and graduates, and increase employer confidence in the qualification certificates of IVET graduates.

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