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Demographic decline and the mismatch between the demand and supply of skills are two issues of particular concern for the European labour market. But are people’s skills more likely to be mismatched as they age? This is the topic of Cedefop’s latest research paper, now available online.

As people age they are less exposed to physical risk at work but they are also less exposed to new developments, running the risk that their skills may not keep up with demand. A close study of the ways in which ageing workers’ skills fall behind workplace demands can suggest policies to overcome this problem. Issues discussed in the paper include:

  • How do the various forms of skills mismatch correlate to wages, job satisfaction, career prospects and health? 
  • Are workers at different ages affected by different types of mismatch? 
  • Does training help ageing workers deal with mismatch problems? 
  • How do workplace conditions affect the match between skills and jobs?

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The right skills for silver workers

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