The database of 14 vocational qualification of the new National Qualifications Register (Orszgos Kpzsi Jegyzk, OKJ) in which training started in September 2006 in the member schools of the newly established regional integrated vocational training centres has been published on the website of the Hungarian National Institute of Vocational Education at

The search engine linked to the database allows for identifying the relations between these qualifications: in addition to the most important data and downloadable documentation (the professional and examination requirements and the central framework curriculum) of each vocational qualification, the modules included in it and in all related qualifications are also presented (downloadable) in the database.

The major objective of creating a competence-based, modular qualification system through issuing a reformed OKJ (in February 2006) was to adapt VET to labour market demands. The number of qualifications in the new register has been reduced considerably, and the new system allows for obtaining partial qualifications which gives early school leavers a better chance to re-enter VET. By identifying specialized 'built-on' (rpls) vocational qualifications, it also creates a better linkage between IVET and CVET and thus facilitates continuing training.

Source: National Institute of Vocational Education

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