This event gathers 120 participants representing university administrations and experts from 46 European countries involved in the Bologna process, along with representatives of the international organisations sitting on the BFUG (European Commission, Council of Europe, Unesco-Cepes, EUA, Eurashe, European Unions ESU and IE).

The BFUG is part of the London-Louvain work programme, for the period of June 2007 - April 2009 (28th and 29th April 2009, dates of the next ministerial conference in Louvain).

This will be an opportunity to evaluate the situation, on the one hand, of the first developments of the European register of quality assurance, operational from summer 2008, and on the other hand discuss work accomplished by the work groups implemented after the London conference.

In addition, this meeting will centre its reflection on the evolution of the Process post 2010, by taking into account the first reflections from the extraordinary BFUG meeting in Sarajevo in June 2008.

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14/10/2008 - 15/10/2008
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