Cedefop’s mission is to support development of European VET policies and contribute to their implementation.

Cedefop’s strategic objective is to ‘strengthen European cooperation and support the European Commission, Member States and social partners in designing and implementing policies for an attractive VET that promotes excellence and social inclusion’.

The strategic objective is supported by three medium-term priorities for 2012-14:

  • Supporting modernisation of VET systems
  • Careers and transitions – Continuing VET, adult and work-based learning
  • Analysing skills and competence needs to inform VET provision

The medium-term priorities guide the activities of Cedefop’s annual work programmes and ensure continuity of work allowing the necessary flexibility to respond to changing needs.

This page is archived since August 2017


Cedefop Governing Board Decision of 25/04/2014 on the extension of the Medium-Term Priorities 2012-14 for 1 more year until 2015


Cedefop Governing Board Decision of 25/02/2015 on the extension of for the Medium-Term Priorities 2012-14 until end of 2016