The network of “Ambassadors tackling early leaving from VET” coordinated by Irene Psifidou, Cedefop expert, was established in 2017 as a supporting network for Cedefop’s VET toolkit for tackling early leaving. Ambassadors are policy makers, learning providers, experts and other key stakeholders involved in tackling early leaving from VET at national, regional or local level in Europe.

  • It is a voluntary (not remunerated) network that aims in the long-term collaboration of community experts amongst themselves and together with Cedefop in disseminating, enriching and contributing to the further development of the toolkit.
  • Ambassadors are invited to contribute to online discussions, web seminars and Cedefop related events such as on inclusive education and training, the professional development of teachers and trainers, etc.

Being part of the ambassadors network, members may benefit by:

  • meeting and getting to know other ambassadors working on reducing early leaving from VET in Europe;
  • disseminating widely the outcomes of their work by sharing the results of their project, initiatives, or policies and practices tackling early leaving;
  • acquiring new knowledge on good practices in other countries by exchanging ideas and experiences on what makes tackling early leaving successful;
  • being close to European developments and meeting key EU stakeholders.

As of January 2023, the opportunity to become an ambassador is open to individuals from all EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.

Ambassadors do not represent their countries, institutions or Cedefop in any circumstances. The role of ambassador is limited to enabling the promotion, dissemination and sustainability of Cedefop’s VET toolkit for tackling early leaving.

There are no limitations in terms of the number of ambassadors per country, region or institution, or in terms of number of years of experience in VET and early leaving from education and training.

The role of ambassador is voluntary and not remunerated.

Applications to become an ambassador are subject to Cedefop approval, taking into account the relevance of the individual’s profile to the role.

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If you wish to become an ambassador of the VET toolkit for tackling early leaving, you may apply here.