Vocational education and training (VET) provision must respond to rapidly changing labour market needs and increasing calls for international cooperation, learner and worker mobility, and recognition of qualifications.

A new Cedefop study reveals what it will take to support analysis and cross-country comparison of qualifications:

  • a deeper look into the building blocks of qualifications, i.e. the learning outcomes which are used in all European countries to describe them;
  • identification of shared learning outcomes in different national qualifications;
  • stronger feedback from labour market actors to close the gap between intended and attained learning outcomes;
  • cross-national agreement on a common template for describing qualifications to make national databases more comparable and compatible.

Such a comprehensive review and comparison of qualifications must rely on digital tools, including artificial intelligence, to be scalable in the future. Automated analysis and comparison of the learning outcomes making up VET qualifications will be vital to reach the goal of comparable qualifications across Europe.

Read more about Cedefop’s vision for the future cross-country comparison of qualifications in our latest briefing note.


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