The vocational education and training (VET) system of Cyprus is playing a significant role in dealing with the adverse effects of the economic crisis
on the labour market and in laying the foundations for future development.

To continue to fulfil the expectations of the Cypriot economy and society, VET is currently undergoing essential reforms.

The structure of vocational education and training (VET) is being transformed by the introduction of a new modern apprenticeship system as an alternative pathway for young people between 14 and 20, and the establishment of post-secondary institutes for technical and vocational education and training, which will offer students an intermediate level of education. The implementation of the new modern apprenticeship has begun and it will become fully operational by 2015.

Secondary technical and vocational education provides a broad range of initial training programmes in Cyprus. Its new curricula, expected to be developed by 2015, will enhance the attractiveness of VET and match specialisations with the current needs of the labour market.

VET features prominently in the Cyprus lifelong learning strategy, which focuses on the enhancement of lifelong guidance and counselling services, and the development of a national qualifications framework (NQF).



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