Trends and skill needs in tourism 2005.
Cedefop Panorama series
Catalogue no.:TI-68-05-745-EN-C
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This publication highlights the latest trends and skill needs in the hotel, catering and tourism sector in an international perspective. Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors in Europe. It enjoys high growth potential and accounts for a considerable proportion of employment; a high level mobility of labour, jobs and services in tourism throughout Europe makes it possible to speak about the truly European character of the sector. Good prospects, however, may be hindered by exogenous effects and by lack of reaction to changing skills requirements; employers in the sector often complain about skill deficiencies among the workforce. Many tasks and activities in the sector are also changing in line with technological, economic and social change, with new and hybrid occupations appearing, demanding completely new sets of skills. The publication is based on the proceedings of an international workshop held in Halle, Germany, 29-30 April 2004. Trends and developments in tourism in the old and new Member States of the European Union, and some countries hoping to join the EU, were discussed against the background of changes taking place in North America. Such discourse demonstrated many similarities and, in some cases, helped to identify possible future trends and useful solutions for Europe.

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