The existing classification system for Czech qualifications awarded in initial education, the KKOV (Classification of Educational Qualification Types), and the levels in the NSK (National Register of Vocational Qualifications) permit a referencing to the EQF. This is possible because the curricula and legal framework for initial education, like the level descriptors and qualifications standards of the NSK, are based on the principle of learning outcomes.

The referencing procedure has simplified the initial phase of the process and permitted a transparent description and referencing of Czech qualifications. The results of the referencing process are considered by all participants as a starting point for further discussion on the need for a comprehensive national qualifications framework which would use common descriptors to describe the levels of all qualifications awarded.

The EQF Recommendation allows the referencing of national qualifications systems to the EQF. The Czech Republic thus referenced its qualifications in a manner which guarantees that the referencing is based on a working, well-tested system, which is understood by all stakeholders. A qualifications framework for tertiary education is currently being developed in the project Q-Ram. Self-certification in the context of the Bologna Process is expected following the completion of the project in 2012.
The National Referencing Report of the Czech Republic describes the Czech education and qualifications systems. Chapter 3 describes the fulfilment of the ten criteria and procedures set out by the EQF Advisory Group. Chapter 4 describes possible future developments in the coordination of existing and future qualification frameworks in different educational sectors: for primary and secondary education, for tertiary education and for continuing education (the framework contained in the National Register of Vocational Qualifications NSK). The report is followed by a number of appendices, which quote from supporting materials, demonstrating the correctness of the results of the referencing process.

The following Czech qualifications are referenced to the EQF:

  • qualifications awarded in secondary education,
  • qualifications awarded in tertiary education,
  • qualifications awarded under the act 179/2006 Sb., on the Verification and Recognition of Further Education Results (qualifications in the NSK).