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Title Reference Closing date Status
Study on European terminology in adult learning and monitoring of the sectorCall for tender EAC 34/2007 Call for tender EAC 34/2007 05/11/2007 Completed
Landscape Gardening Services for CedefopCedefop No: AO/E/ICTF/Gardening/013/07 Cedefop No: AO/E/ICTF/Gardening/013/07 30/10/2007 Completed
Purchase of printing devices and associated servicesAO/E/ICTF/Printers/012/07 AO/E/ICTF/Printers/012/07 29/10/2007 Completed
Acquisition of mobile telephony servicesAO/E/ICTF/Mobile-Telephony-Services/011/07 AO/E/ICTF/Mobile-Telephony-Services/011/07 29/10/2007 Completed
Medium-term forecast of skills supply in EuropeCedefop: AO/A/AZU/Skillsnet-Supply/010/07 Cedefop: AO/A/AZU/Skillsnet-Supply/010/07 15/10/2007 Completed
Medium Term forecast of skills supply in EuropeCedefop No: AO/A/AZU/Skillsnet-Supply/010/07 Cedefop No: AO/A/AZU/Skillsnet-Supply/010/07 15/10/2007 Completed
B-Brussels: follow-up of Copenhagen process: research into forms of individual career development and continuing vocational training (CVT)Contract Notice 2007/S 165-204084 Contract Notice 2007/S 165-204084 10/10/2007 Completed
The Impact of Global Sourcing on e-SkillsCall for Tender n° 202014 - 2007 (ENTR/07/025) Call for Tender n° 202014 - 2007 (ENTR/07/025) 28/09/2007 Completed
Quality approaches in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food processing, retail and tourism sectors the case of some new Member-StatesAO/B/TB/Quality-approaches-in-SMEs/009/07 AO/B/TB/Quality-approaches-in-SMEs/009/07 21/09/2007 Completed
Trends in apprenticeship and similar models of alternance training with particular focus on higher educationCedefop AO/A/TSK-EWS/Trends-in-apprenticeship/008/07 Cedefop AO/A/TSK-EWS/Trends-in-apprenticeship/008/07 17/09/2007 Completed
European associations active at European level in the field of education and trainingDG EAC/28/07 DG EAC/28/07 15/09/2007 Completed
ReferNet - European Network of Reference and Expertise in the field of Vocational Education and Training 14/09/2007 Completed
Evaluation and interpretation of the third European Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS3)Cedefop AO/A/KNE/CVTS3/006/07 Cedefop AO/A/KNE/CVTS3/006/07 10/09/2007 Completed
Youth in Action, Action 1 - Pilot Projects on Thematic NetworkingEACEA/08/07 EACEA/08/07 01/09/2007 Completed
The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for Lifelong Learning 31/08/2007 Completed
Travel Agency servicesCedefop AO/E/ACE/TravelAgency/007/07 Cedefop AO/E/ACE/TravelAgency/007/07 09/08/2007 Completed
Purchase of Office SuppliesRPP/E/ICTF/OfficeSupplies/001/07 RPP/E/ICTF/OfficeSupplies/001/07 31/07/2007 Completed
Open Call for proposals European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008DG EAC/07/07 DG EAC/07/07 31/07/2007 Completed
A study on qualifications routes and competences needed by career guidance counsellorsAO/B/RLAR/Guidance-Qualifications/005/07 AO/B/RLAR/Guidance-Qualifications/005/07 23/07/2007 Completed
Restricted call for proposals - European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008DG EAC/08/07 DG EAC/08/07 14/07/2007 Completed


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