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Public procurement and grants

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Title Reference Closing date Status
Green maintenance services and garden management at CedefopAO/RES/ASAIN/Gardening/009/09 AO/RES/ASAIN/Gardening/009/09 06/07/2009 Completed
Call for expression of interest to provide specific expertise in VETCedefop No CEI/VET/2006 Cedefop No CEI/VET/2006 26/06/2009 Completed
Supply of A4/A3 paper and toners for photocopiers, printers and fax machines including other IT consumablesAO/RES/SAK/Paper-Toners/003/09 AO/RES/SAK/Paper-Toners/003/09 15/06/2009 Completed
Youth in Action Programme 01/06/2009 Completed
Skills for green jobsAO/RPA/PSZO-AZU/Skills-green-jobs/004/09 AO/RPA/PSZO-AZU/Skills-green-jobs/004/09 25/05/2009 Completed
Prior Information Notice: Identification of future skills needs in micro and craft (-type) enterprises 12/05/2009 Completed
Vocational Education and Training (VET) at EQF levels 6 to 8AO/ECVL/ILEMO-TSK/VET-levels-6to8/001/09 AO/ECVL/ILEMO-TSK/VET-levels-6to8/001/09 08/04/2009 Completed
Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) - Call for proposals 2009DG EAC/31/08 DG EAC/31/08 06/02/2009 Completed
Event support servicesAO/CID/SBEN/Event-support-services/028/08 AO/CID/SBEN/Event-support-services/028/08 19/01/2009 Completed
Youth in Action Programme: Action 4.6 - PartnershipCall for proposals - EACEA/30/08 Call for proposals - EACEA/30/08 01/12/2008 Completed
Acquisition of Network Equipment and Associated ServicesAO/RES/SAN/Network Equipment/027/08 AO/RES/SAN/Network Equipment/027/08 01/12/2008 Completed
ICT Security ServicesAO/RES/SAN/SECAUP/026/08 AO/RES/SAN/SECAUP/026/08 21/11/2008 Cancelled
Training Services in .NET, MS Office and other softwareAO/RES/ITK-AMC/IT-TrainingServices/024/08 AO/RES/ITK-AMC/IT-TrainingServices/024/08 11/11/2008 Completed
Acquisition of Heating OilAO/ICTF/LT/Heating Oil/025/08 AO/ICTF/LT/Heating Oil/025/08 07/11/2008 Completed
Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Asia Region 2008/2009 31/10/2008 Completed
Execution of construction works and construction of electromechanical plants for the creation of a space for the Cedefop archivesAO/RES/ICTF/Archives/023/08 AO/RES/ICTF/Archives/023/08 29/10/2008 Completed
Supply of books, subscriptions to serials, access to electronic resources and press clipping servicesAO/CID/MWI/Books-Serials-Electronic resources-Press clippings/022/08 AO/CID/MWI/Books-Serials-Electronic resources-Press clippings/022/08 17/10/2008 Completed
Quality approaches for assuring the quality of training and services provisionAO/ECVL/TB/Quality-in-VET/021/08 AO/ECVL/TB/Quality-in-VET/021/08 06/10/2008 Completed
Employers survey on skill needs in Europe: Feasibility studyAO/RPA/AZU-TODUN/Feasibility-Employers’-survey/020/08 AO/RPA/AZU-TODUN/Feasibility-Employers’-survey/020/08 29/09/2008 Completed
Database administration services - Sybase and MS SQLAO/RES/ICTF/DB-ADMIN/019/08 AO/RES/ICTF/DB-ADMIN/019/08 23/09/2008 Completed


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