The Skillsnet e-bulletin September – December 2020 Issue has just been published and sent to Skillsnet members.

The highlight of the September – December 2020 issue of Skillsnet e-bulletin refers to Strengthening skills anticipation and matching.

Since 2016, Cedefop had been providing technical advice to EU Member States that asked for the support of the Centre to improve their ‘governance of skills anticipation and matching’. In 2017-19 Cedefop collaborated with national authorities in Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Estonia. Building on a comprehensive skills governance analytical framework that Cedefop experts developed and on constant consultation with a national steering committee in each country, Cedefop collected in-depth information on the relevant country-specific priorities and stakeholders’ views through a detailed methodology. The country reviews for the four Member States have been successfully completed, while results are available in the country reports on Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, and Slovakia.

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