Some 140 experts and officials from 27 countries, the European Commission and international organisations exchanged views on the shift to learning outcomes and its impact at the two-day Cedefop conference in Thessaloniki (21 and 22 November).

Cedefop Director James Calleja welcomed the participants and stressed that ‘learning outcomes raise the employability profile of qualifications’.

Mara Brugia, Cedefop Head of Area Enhanced Cooperation in VET and Lifelong Learning, talked in her keynote speech about the challenge of ‘transforming expected outcomes into actual outcomes, i.e. knowledge, skills and competences delivered by schools and held by learners’.

A lively panel discussion attempted to answer the question: Learning outcomes – good, bad or none of the above?

Interesting points of discussion came out of the workshops, and the work that needs to be done was explored by the closing panel, which was chaired by Cedefop Deputy Director Christian Lettmayr.

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