Gianni Pittella, rapporteur for the EU budget for 2006, indicated in a press release that he had identified education, training and youth as priorities for reaching the Lisbon Strategy objectives. Pittella affirmed that the European budget should therefore reflect, the important role of youth in the integration and wellbeing of the Union. He considers that a European life-long education and training area would enable European citizens to move from apprenticeships to the world of work and move freely from different regions or countries in order to best use their skills and qualifications.

Gianni Pittella announced that he had set three objectives: strengthening youth programmes funding, if they have to be involved in European affairs, the young have to make contact with Europe? notes the rapporteur, who proposed an increase in the Erasmus grants and funding for the Socrates, Youth and Leonard (training programme, which contrary to Socrates and Youth, are not subject to co-decision, points our Mr Pittella); pushing forward innovations planned for 2007 with the European Pact for Youth: Mr Pittella is proposing the launch in 2006 of an experimental Erasmus project for school children; extending existing pilot projects for youth, particularly, according to Pittella, the need to expand the Erasmus Young Apprentices pilot project to young entrepreneurs.

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