ReferNet, Cedefop’s network of institutions providing information on vocational education and training (VET) in EU Member States plus Iceland and Norway, welcomed several new partners in July.

An induction meeting took place for the new Maltese partner (Ministry of Education and Employment) and the new Hungarian coordinator in Thessaloniki on 7 July. The focus was on the presentation of the ReferNet partnership, the preparation of a questionnaire for the survey on initial VET mobility and the preparation of publications on the two countries’ VET systems.

The next day, they were joined the Bulgarian, Greek, Norwegian and Spanish members for a newcomers workshop. Cedefop experts presented the new survey on public VET measures/programmes available to adult asylum seekers and/or humanitarian migrants, and outlined the VET in Europe reports.

There were also a hands-on exercise on drafting news stories; a brainstorming session on visibility activities for and through ReferNet; and a discussion on involving national representatives in the upcoming annual plenary meeting in November.