A collaborative work of Cedefop, UNESCO, the European Training Foundation and UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong learning, the Global inventory of national and regional quali­fications frameworks combines thematic and country research and analysis on national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and regional qualifications frameworks (RQFs).

The fifth update consists of two volumes:

The inventory intends to provide information useful to ministers, officials, authorities and other actors who must make decisions about NQFs and to offer a type of peer support through knowledge dissemination to experts, NQF project staff and others engaged in designing, developing and implementing NQFs.

Volume 1 contains the thematic material on important trends in the development of qualification systems and frameworks. These chapters explore the emergence of microcredentials and validation of non-formal and informal learning, discuss how we can move to digitally connected qualification systems and bring a digital perspective to bear on the recognition, validation and accreditation of vocational skills and competences of migrants and refugees. One chapter – a wholly new element in the inventory – offers a cross-country analysis of NQF developments across the globe.

Volume 2 brings together 93 NQF reports from 89 countries. Fulfilling an observatory function, these reports track, monitor and assess the progress made by countries in developing and growing their frameworks. They also include snapshots of progress in qualifications reforms.