The Night of trades are interactive events organised in 2016 and 2017 as part of initiatives aiming to improve the attractiveness of VET and bring education closer to the business world, sectors and trades

They were organised by the National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning (NOVETAL), the State body responsible for the coordination of public VET schools since 2015. It manages career guidance activities in cooperation with the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and formulates recommendations for improving the national career guidance system, including for vocational education and training.

The Night of trades events have been the most successful career guidance events in the country to date. Students and teachers from many VET schools operating in the country or in neighboring countries (Slovakia, Romania and Serbia) as well as all from 44 vocational training centres participated in numerous events organised simultaneously all over the country.

The key findings from assessment of the events will help shape innovative, interactive and recreational career guidance initiatives to help learners make informed career choices.

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The Night of Trades (Szakmák éjszakája): New paths of occupational orientation

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