On 30 July an international campaign to promote the ’Recognition in Germany’ portal abroad was launched by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It aims at expanding and improving information on professional recognition provided for skilled workers interested in migrating to Germany. The campaign focuses on Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

The campaign looks into cooperation with multipliers who serve as a contact point for people interested in immigration to Germany and assists them when leaving their country.

The intention is to establish cooperation agreements in the months ahead, in particular with diplomatic missions, Goethe institutes, public employment services and other stakeholders. Multipliers will be supplied with multilingual material (posters, flyers, etc.) containing information on topics of recognition and encouraging readers to use services of the recognition portal.

At the same time, key content of the recognition portal will be gradually translated into various languages. Information is available not only in German and English but also in Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

Starting in autumn 2014, people interested in migrating to Germany will be made aware of the portal directly via global online advertisements on migrant platforms and similar formats. Stories about persons who already went through recognition relating their experiences will be at the heart of the campaign.

The recognition portal will also link its activities to other immigration-relevant information services of the Federal Government. For example, the project cooperates with the welcome portal ’Make it in Germany’ which provides information on living and working in Germany.