A delegation of German federal MPs, members of the Bundestag’s Budget Committee, visited Cedefop on 17 September accompanied by the German General Consul and met with the agency’s Deputy Director Mara Brugia.

Speaking at a meeting of the delegation with Cedefop experts, Ms Brugia welcomed the MPs and General Consul Ingo von Voss saying that ‘we work with Member States more and more to overcome problems with youth unemployment.’ She noted that Cedefop counts both labour market and vocational education and training (VET) specialists among its experts, a very useful combination considering Cedefop’s tasks,’ adding: ‘We hope that results of our work can be of some help to you.’

Head of Area Communication, Information and Dissemination Gerd-Oskar Bausewein and senior expert for Public Relations Corinna Frey made a general presentation of Cedefop and the European education and training policy background, while senior expert Antonio Ranieri and expert Ramona David presented the latest findings on youth unemployment and the pan-European initiatives to promote apprenticeships as one way to fight it.

MP Ewald Schurer (SPD) thanked the experts for the presentations, pointing out that ‘the employment situation differs from one Member State to another and often even between areas of the same country too.’ He welcomed European initiatives to fight youth unemployment, but regretted delays in their implementation and difficulties in connection with Member States’ co-funding.

Head of delegation MP Bernhard Schulte-Drüggelte (CDU/CSU) stressed the importance of Cedefop’s role and the high level of competence provided by the agency, adding that this visit gave the delegation some very appreciable insights from a European perspective.

You can see more photos from the visit here.