Amisbarometri, the VET student survey, was published at the end of 2017. It is the most comprehensive national survey, including all Finnish vocational students enrolled in Finnish vocational institutions. It carried out for the first time in 2015 and is repeated every second year. The data from the survey are the most extensive so far as it strives to include all students studying a curriculum-based vocational programme in a Finnish VET institution.

Data from the survey give a picture of the everyday lives of VET students in Finland. Themes covered were respondents’ perceptions of studies and studying, future prospects and attitudes towards working life.  

Some of the findings are:

  • 64% of the respondents thought their vocational competence is sufficient for working life, while 10% did not trust their vocational competence;
  • two out of five respondents aim for higher education studies, most typically from fields such as social, health and sports;
  • slightly over 70% of respondents believe that they will find employment in the field they are studying or find meaningful work after graduation;
  • 91% of Finnish students think that their own positive attitude will help bring success in working life. Training, skills and work experience are also considered important.

The data, from more than 80 questions answered by the participants, are freely available to anyone in Finnish. The user can choose from a range of variables such and age, gender or mother tongue.    

The survey was implemented by SAKKI ry, a student union for VET students, and OTUS, a research foundation for studying and education.