On 7 May the EU held a special summit in Prague dedicated to tackling the impact of the economic crisis on jobs in Europe. The Troika Presidencies (the Czech, Swedish and Spanish governments) joined the European Commission, employers and trade unions to pool their best ideas on how to keep people in work and help them back into new jobs. The summit identified ten actions to fight unemployment and create new jobs.

The Commission will build on the summit's discussions when formulating its input to the European Council of 18-19 June. The summit showed a wide consensus among participants on the way ahead. The main messages agreed emphasise that future action on employment should be guided by a number of principles and aim at maintaining employment and create jobs; increase access to employment particularly to the young and upgrade skills, match labour market needs and promote mobility.

In relation to the priority of skills upgrading and matching, Cedefop forecasts have been quoted as a fundamental tool to have a much clearer picture of the labour market skills needs for the future, specially in specific sectors as green jobs or health care.


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