The latest briefing note outlines last year's achievements and what Cedefop is planning for 2012. It is now available in seven languages and in e-book form.

In the last three years, Cedefop has been instrumental in identifying trends in vocational education and training and future challenges for EU policy - and in formulating possible policy responses to these challenges. 

Among other work planned for 2012,  Cedefop will produce a new skills supply and demand forecast that takes full account of the effects of the financial crisis and subsequent economic recession. The forecast, which covers Europe, will give data by country, sector, occupations and qualifications and be available online, along with Cedefop’s analyses of trends and their implications.

The agency will also, in the course of the year, present the findings of its research on the social and economic benefits of vocational education and training,  on active ageing, and on green skills; and will continue to work on the implementation of the European common tools. During the year, Cedefop will also develop an additional document within Europass to record non-formal and informal learning.

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