Cedefop’s official website has had a major makeover. The new web portal is now online with a fresher look and feel, additional features and a brand new technological platform.

To remain its users’ most trusted source of information, Cedefop’s website constantly faces the challenge of identifying, adopting and implementing necessary changes.

The new web portal was redesigned with the intention to change significantly Cedefop’s online presence.

It uses leading technology to provide a solid foundation that enables the agency to grow its online information well into the future. It showcases Cedefop’s content in a more dynamic fashion introducing more visuals such as data visualisations and more multimedia elements like videos and podcasts.

To ensure all visitors gain quick and easy access to the agency’s extensive content, the new website adopts a modular approach on the way information is organised and is now divided into main entry points such as themes, publications and resources, events and projects, news and press and country specific data.

The content that interests visitors most, such as publications, latest policy developments, briefing notes, news, events and country reports, is all still there.

The website will also feature new types of rich content inspired by Cedefop staff expertise, accumulated knowledge and future surveys. New features, identified as being important to users, such as statistical representations, presentation slides or discussion lists, are currently being developed and will be implemented in the coming months.

Interactivity with users will also be encouraged by means of discussion lists, comments and surveys thus bringing users and Cedefop’s experts closer.

This is only the beginning of the web portal’s journey as new features will be released continuously in the next months. If you experience any problems using the new website, or if you have any suggestions, email us at webteam [at] cedefop.europa.eu (webteam[at]cedefop[dot]europa[dot]eu)