Soaring number of readers since 2007, now with English abstracts

In February 2007, the first issue of the Austrian Open Access Journal for Adult Education (Magazin in German) was published. Since then, many things have been optimised to make the journal more attractive to readers: design has been improved, the journal is also published in print, and abstracts are available in English. The editorial staff has reason to celebrate as one issue of the journal was downloaded 3 000 times. Number of readers has never been so high.

Issue 17 of the journal (forthcoming) deals with continuing vocational education and training. CVET in companies or financed by firms is the most common type of learning for adults aged 25 to 64. It is important for occupational and labour market integration and societal and economic development. At the moment, up-to-date research-based data are hardly available. Those involved in offering or funding CVET, however, are interested in data, projects and recent problems, approaches and proposed solutions concerning various fields of adult learning; this is why Issue 17, to be published in November 2012, asks for contributions to these issues hoping to get interesting approaches and feedback.

The journal is funded by the European Social Fund and by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. Educon, the institute for the development of vocational training and continuing education in Graz, coordinates the entire editorial process. The editorial board is composed of six members – educational researchers, managers and journalists.

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