The Lifelong Learning Week (LLW) is a learning festival organised by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) and an ever growing number of providers of events acting in various places in the country as well as beyond its frontiers. The aim of LLW is to present and emphasise the manifold aspects of lifelong learning.

The Week, in 2005 being held for the tenth time, has always attracted a wide range of partners, such as public adult education centres, private educational organisations, societies, clubs, schools, universities, nursery schools, libraries, cultural and commercial foundations, municipalities and local communities, as well as numerous individuals. Throughout the decade, this network of LLW friends and providers has been expanding all across Slovenia and beyond. For several years, its development has also been surpassing its time framework- the third week of October with events taking place before and after. This irrepressible growth certainly amplifies the importance of the value that the LLW stands for. Results show that this comprehensive project in fact encourages the desire and enthusiasm for learning and finding opportunities for study.

Event details

Event Date(s)
17/10/2005 - 23/10/2005
Event Type
Slovenian Institute for Adult Education