The phrase internationalisation of higher education comes up in many conversations, not only in our universities but also among national and international policy makers. As internationalisation of higher education becomes a priority in most institutions so too does the need for a research agenda to assist stakeholders in developing new innovative internationalisation policies and strategies in a rapidly changing global higher education environment. Yet what is entailed in this research agenda?

The Forum, Innovation in higher education what research agenda is needed? will explore this question and discuss the link between research and practice in the internationalisation of higher education, keeping the following four research themes in mind:

  • core areas (research, teaching and learning, staff and students) of higher education versus periphery (supranational organisations, governmental authorities and agencies, institutions and international offices)
  • cooperative internationalisation versus competitive globalisation
  • physical mobility versus internationalisation at home
  • normalisation versus specialisation of internationalisation

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