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Megatrends such as automation, greening and population ageing, along with the coronavirus pandemic, are reshaping the European labour market. Providing a long-term perspective to changes in skills and jobs, skills forecasts can make a useful contribution to decisions by policy-makers, experts, and social partners.

Individuals and the professionals that support them can benefit from skills intelligence based on forecasts, feeding education, training and career decisions. In times of rapid change, scenarios are useful in shedding light on the impact of megatrends. In this short publication, Cedefop presents the key findings emerging from scenarios around Covid-19, automation and the European green deal. These scenarios are meant to stimulate reflection on labour market trends to 2030 and support evidence-based policy-making in VET, skills and related areas.

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Cedefop (2021). Digital, greener and more resilient : insights from Cedefop’s European skills forecast. Luxembourg: Publications Office.


Digital, greener and more resilient

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