Some 140 experts, policy-makers, social partners, teachers and trainers from 27 countries will take part on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 November 2013 in a Cedefop conference on learning outcomes to discuss how learning-outcome developments have affected policies and practices in education and training during the past decade.

The conference ‘The shift to learning outcomes and its impact: taking stock of European policies and practices’ addresses the on-going shift to learning outcomes across European education and training systems. For many, this shift is an opportunity to create education and training systems better able to support lifelong learning, and promote a learning culture closer to the needs of the individual. Others, however, view this approach as problematic; they criticise it as overly bureaucratic, favouring standardisation over diversity and individual choice.

The event is aimed at the wide range of stakeholders currently involved in the shift to learning outcomes providing an updated picture of developments in this field. It will support a common understanding of how to promote implementation, avoiding the dangers associated with this shift. The meeting will provide an opportunity for policy-makers, practitioners and researchers to exchange experiences and views in a field where all groups are or should be actively involved.

A mix of plenary and working group sessions will discuss in detail learning outcomes as a prerequisite for flexible (lifelong) learning, the dimension of governance through learning outcomes and the implications of the learning outcomes approach in teaching and training.

Notes for editors: There will be interview opportunities with Cedefop Director James Calleja and other participants during the event. Please contact the press office in advance.

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