2006 has been designated the European Year for Workers Mobility.
On this site you can find out more about activities and events carried out in the framework of the Year, and access a wealth of information on workers' mobility. It aims to open up the debate on the real benefits and challenges of working abroad or changing job.

Free movement of persons is one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by Community law. It is perhaps the most important right under Community law for individuals, and an essential element of European citizenship. For workers, this freedom has existed since the foundation of the European Community in 1957.

It is laid down in article 39 of the EC Treaty and it entails: the right to look for a job in another Member State the right to work in another Member State the right to reside there for that purpose the right to remain there the right to equal treatment in respect of access to employment, working conditions and all other advantages which could help to facilitate the worker's integration in the host Member State.

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