Cedefop has launched an online survey as part of the project Changing nature and role of vocational education and training (VET) in Europe. The project aims to improve our understanding of how VET is changing in the European Union countries (including Norway and Iceland) and to support the European Commission in setting objectives for post-2020 European cooperation in VET.

The survey will help Cedefop test the project’s preliminary findings and set parameters for subsequent development of scenarios for VET in 2035. The survey questionnaire is targeted at experts from various institutional backgrounds in vocational education and training (and related fields, such as labour market and social policy).

Participants’ identities will not be disclosed but information concerning the type of their organisation and Member State of origin will be used for the purposes of the analysis.

Support this project by forwarding the questionnaire to others who are interested in the future of VET: this will strengthen the survey outcomes, which will be presented at the European vocational skills week in November 2018.

Further information about the survey and access to the online questionnaire.