The January 2016 issue of Skillset and match, Cedefop’s magazine promoting learning for work, is now available to read and download.

Skills for jobs and jobs for skills in the robot era is the main story, including a link to an exclusive interview with Harvard Professor Richard Freeman on the future of human workers.

Other highlights include a feature on engaging SMEs in apprenticeships as well as interviews with leading British SME employer Jason Holt, internationally renowned professor at the Wharton School of Business Peter Cappelli and Cedefop Governing Board Chair Micheline Scheys.

The Member State contribution this time comes from Denmark.

Cedefop Director James Calleja sums up a very busy anniversary year for the agency, and there are articles on early leaving, helping low-skilled adults and the new Skills Panorama website.

As usual, you can browse through the latest Cedefop publications and upcoming events.