Europe needs a world class vocational education and training (VET) to deal with challenges such as high unemployment, migration flows, global competition and an ageing workforce, according to Cedefop’s Head of Department for VET systems and institutions Loukas Zahilas.

Mr Zahilas was a keynote speaker at the annual conference of the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) in Brussels (21-24 October).

He presented a changing labour market landscape where technological developments, massive open online courses (MOOCs) and quality assurance and recognition are already playing a crucial role or are expected, in the case of MOOCs, to become more important for VET.

Mr Zahilas stressed the significance of learning outcomes and the need to ‘apply this principle in a way which is fit for purpose at the relevant level’ by using and further developing the available EU common tools.


L. Zahilas presentation at the EVBB conference 2015